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Nothing beats a systems approach

"I remember thinking, there must be a better way of farming…Now, biology is right in the soil, organic matter is cycling and biology is releasing the nutrients my crops need. What more could I want?"

Tim Partons, Farm Manager at Brewood Park Farm

Regenerative Agriculture

Built reputation on listening to the needs of a new breed of farmers, fully focused on regenerative agriculture and creating a more sustainable, and healthier end-product.


Sharing an extensive knowledge base of regenerative practices, offering farmers both the information and the practical tools to grow crops more efficiently and sustainably.

Modern solutions

UK leaders and the pioneers of modern speciality plant nutrition, microbial consortiums, and bio-stimulant packages designed to benefit a systems approach.

Solutions that you can count on

From our beneficial biological solutions to our complex liquid fertilisers, Aiva Fertilisers focus is providing successful solutions to your farming systems.


Select, beneficial, synergistic microbes containing key species to help restore the benefits of a more natural ecosystem


Blends of nutrients and bioactive compounds derived from organic sources that act only on the plants vigour whilst promoting plant growth, health and productivity

Crop Nutrition

Complex chemistry, optimising nutrient availability and application promoting a balanced, healthy

don't just take our
word for it


‘I remember thinking, there must be a better way of farming. We don’t need to spend all this energy and money to get a crop, it can be done far better. Aiva Fertiliser not only have provided product solutions to aid me in achieving my goals, but they offer the supporting advice alongside, proving a systems approach is the key. Biology is right in the soil, organic matter is cycling and biology is releasing the nutrients my crops need. What more could I want?’

Tim Parton, SS & SD Kirk

‘Aiva fertilisers service has been very good, the products have arrived quickly, and products are nice and easy to use. We have used several trace element products and have been pleased with the results so far. We are looking to explore more specialist products they have to offer this year.’

Mark Trotter, DWB Trotter & Sons

‘Using Aiva Fertilisers systems approach and regenerative ideology has been key to our operation. Aiva Fertiliser is led by the best Regen Ag agronomist in the whole country and the man with the most innovative ideas on soil health and climate change mitigation through sustainable farming.’

Martin Lingham, Lingham Brothers

‘Since Aiva Fertiliser has released their Nurture N product, we have used it religiously. This is not only with every glyphosate application, to repair damage caused to the soil’s bacteria by herbicides, but to also feed the bacteria in the soil during most other spray applications as well. As a natural farmer this makes a lot of sense, regenerate and restore.’

Jack Martin, JC & KJ Martin & Son

'Biological seed dressings, as presented and demonstrated very educationally by Aiva Fertiliser during a recent meeting, is a bacterial and fungal application which aids soil health. It is a journey and not a race, building Carbon and reducing reliance on artificial Nitrogen. Natural regeneration is the way forward!'

Joanne Leigh, Farm Conservation Advisor FWAG SW

‘Just done my most recent stock check on Aiva Fertiliser micro nutrition. So much easier to use than bagged mixes and can tailor to the crops needs!’

David Lord, Lord and Hunt

‘This morning’s job was an ear wash on the wheat. Biology and nutrition from Aiva Fertiliser. All Winter Wheat has only had this plus one synthetic fungicide at T2 to sort yellow rust which, in hindsight, we think we could have gone without. Very impressed with this approach!’

Angus Gowthorpe, KM & CAW Gowthorpe

‘Spring Wheat trial drilled green next to Spring rye. 10L of Aiva Fertiliser special recipe, 9.14.5 + Traces, with Nurture N in the furrow. After that no Nitrogen, or sprays. Cannot see any difference to this vs 50kg of N and a fungicide. Will not break a record but this is a real eye opener! Excellent.’

George Sly, H Sly & Sons

Our Featured Products

Whether you are building soil health, balancing your crops nutrient levels to create a healthier plant or buffering your water for a more favourable mixing conditions Aiva Fertiliser has something for you


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