Why Aiva?

WE ARE Committed to developing your future!

You’re not a number. You’re an individual with specific needs and challenges. Challenges that come with the territory of being a family-owned business. Challenges that keep you looking for sustainable, more efficient ways to grow healthy, nutritional crops.

We believe that to provide the best solutions for our clients, we first need to have a vested interest in understanding their processes. That is why we make it our mission to know our customers, delve into their unique needs and provide customised solutions. With a range of products that have been developed to meet the needs of the modern grower, Aiva Fertiliser is here to offer informative, regenerative options along with expertise and an invested passion that comes from years of pioneering regenerative agriculture solutions. 

Our products are developed to support agronomic solutions for regenerative farming systems in aid of increasing efficiency, quality, and crop utilisation. We believe in a systems approach which is why each range can interact synergistically with one another as a part of a working system.


Regenerative Agriculture

Built reputation on listening to the needs of a new breed of farmers, fully focused on regenerative agriculture and creating a more sustainable, and healthier end-product.


Sharing an extensive knowledge base of regenerative practices, offering farmers both the information and the practical tools to grow crops more efficiently and sustainably.

Modern solutions

UK leaders and the pioneers of modern speciality plant nutrition, microbial consortiums, and bio-stimulant packages designed to benefit a systems approach.