AF NURTURE 60 is multi-use liquid bio-stimulant product that is rich in amino acids and organic matter. AF NURTURE 60 originates from evaporated effluents from the fermentation industries, based upon molasses. This means AF NURTURE 60 contains fulvic and humic acids, macro and micro nutrients and has significant plant bio-stimulant properties which provide an effective and available source of carbon energy and carbohydrates to feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms so that your soil life will flourish, creating greater natural soil fertility.



Condensed fermented molasses solubles

>4.0% Nitrogen



IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the product label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

COMPATIBILITY: For details of compatibilities contact your distributor or local AIVA FERTILISER representative. Carry out a jar test before adding to a new mix.


MIXING: Add the recommended quantity of AF NURTURE 60 to the liquid applicator and top with the required water dosage.

DOSE RATE: 10-40 L/ha

WATER RATE: Can be applied neat or with water according to applicator requirements.


MIXING: Add the recommended quantity of AF NURTURE 60 to the spray tank (if) before adding any foliar nutrition. Maintain agitation during the mixing and loading until spraying is complete.

DOSE RATE: 5-10 L/ha

WATER RATE: 100-200 L/ha


Great for direct soil application for rooting. Foliar application gives quickest response for nutrient application. Perfect for young plant application.

Helps protect and improve soil health by fostering the development of beneficial soil micro-organisms as well as feeding the natural soil flora and fauna helping to increase the available organic carbon content which protects the background carbon.

Provides a good natural carbon source for healthy microbes to feed upon in the soil, offering plants the required necessary carbohydrates and traces minerals that they need.

Contains organic matter, which is a powerful fungal promotant vital for a healthy, active soil.

Increases the growth in Cellulose Digesting fungi which increases the OC in the soil.

Contains many trace and ultra-trace minerals. This is a critical factor because a balanced and consistent supply of trace minerals is essential for microbes to survive and thrive. The micro-nutrients and other nutrients contained are available for quick uptake by plants, simply because they are derived from plants. This is important for the microbes that depend on trace minerals as catalysts in order to produce enzymes that enable critical biochemical transformations.

Provides plants with a quick source of energy and encourages the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

A great, cost effective source of amino acids and organic matter.

Approved for use in organic systems (OF&G Organic).

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