AF FULVIC40 is a rich source of organic carbon providing natural humic and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is a natural organic chelating agent that moves nutrients into the plant from the soil and helps to translocate them where they are required. Humic extract is a natural source of carbon, providing the most important food source for soil microbes and holds excess nutrients until the plant requires them, saving nutrients from leaching through the rootzone.



40.0% Fulvic acid

40.0% Humic acid

40.0% Total organic matter



IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the product label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

Shake the container well before opening and use. Spray equipment should always be clean before adding product.

COMPATIBILITY: For details of compatibilities contact your distributor or local AIVA FERTILISER representative. Carry out a jar test before adding to a new mix.


MIXING: Add the recommended quantity of AF FULVIC 40 to the liquid applicator and top with the required water dosage. Wash into the soil if possible.

DOSE RATE: 10-20 L/ha

WATER RATE: 600 L/ha


MIXING: Add the recommended quantity of AF FULVIC 40 to the spray tank before adding any other products. Maintain agitation during the mixing and loading until spraying is complete.

DOSE RATE: 1-2 L/ha

WATER RATE: 100-200 L/ha


Fungi/bacterial promoter & food source, vital part of a healthy, active soil. Indirectly aids in improvement of soil structure which increases gaseous exchange.

Humic complex can act as storage for beneficial microbial exudates (enzymes, vitamins, hormones & antibiotics)

Increases the growth in Cellulose Digesting fungi which increases the OC and stable humus in the soil.

Increases operation of Stoma, allowing greater ingress of CO2 supplied by soil biology.

Sequesters Nitrogen making it more available (allowing Nitrogen rates to be dropped)

Buffers many elements, including Sodium, toxic manmade chemicals, and heavy metals. Complexes with Urea to create a stable unit (research has suggested that the urea will last up to 80 days when added with humate), reducing ammonia volatilisation, therefore a better effect with less burning and less Nitrogen loss.

Complexes Phosphorus as Humate Phosphate, keeping it more available for the plant and not locked away in the soil.

Dissolves minerals into a plant available format therefore making them more quickly available.

Increases drought protection due to higher Brix levels and the ability to operate at lower water levels. Water moves more easily leading to much better wicking.

Contains both fulvic and humic ions, both high in Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).

Fulvic ions have a CEC of 1400 with no salt index, stabilising nutrients within the soil. Low to no salt index means it carries an electrical charge (cell energy source)) of which all cells depend on electrical potential.

Humic ions have a CEC of 450 with no salt index, holding more nutrients in the nutrient film, holding both negative and positive ions (resulting in less leaching) and holding up to 16 times the mineral holding capacity of a clay colloid.

Allows photosynthesis at lower light levels.

Naturally works as a soil wetter.

Evens out pH excesses.

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