AF Nurture N

Grow with the power of Carbon

Nurture N is an easy-to-use liquid fertiliser amendment that is an enhanced carbohydrate material, high in organic acids, proteins, and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity). It was designed with a natural capacity for Nitrogen chelation as an improved partner for liquid Nitrogen applications over current available molasses materials. It also boasts a number of other highly beneficial application methods boosting the efficiency of glyphosate, fungicide and foliar nutrient applications as well as microbial packages and digestate/slurry applications.

Available pack sizes
20L, 200L, 1000L

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Total analysis %

Fuvlic acid 33-40
Humic acid 20-25
Chlorides 5-6
Potassium 1.1-1.2
Sodium 0.5-0.7
Sulphur 0.3-0.4
Calcium 0.3-0.4
Magnesium 0.1-0.2
Copper Traces
Iron Traces
Manganese Traces
Phosphorus Traces
Zinc Traces

The benefits of AF Nurture N

  • Powerful natural chelating agent that slows oxidisation and converts elements into readily available, bio-available nutrients with a small molecular size allowing fulvic chelated minerals rapid entry through the plant cells.
  • Has a strong CEC, an ionic bond that stores and releases nutrients and trace elements when required by the plant, and is extremely important for transporting nutrients from the soil to the plant minimising leaching and run off, and also assisting in root zone moisture retention. These molecules are attracted to the depletion zone of the plant root (positive (cation) attracted to the negative (living root). Complexes with Urea to create a stable unit (research has suggested that the urea will last up to 80 days when added with humate) reducing ammonia volatilisation therefore a better effect with less burning and less N loss. Perfect for liquid N applications.
  • Complexes Phosphorus as Humate Phosphate, keeping it more available for the plant and not locked away in the soil.
  • Great for direct soil application for rooting. Foliar application gives quickest response for nutrient application. Perfect for young plant application.
  • Helps protect and improve soil health by fostering the development of beneficial soil micro-organisms as well as feeding the natural soil flora and fauna helping to increase the available organic carbon content which protects the background carbon.
  • Provides a good natural carbon source for healthy microbes to feed upon in the soil, offering plants the required necessary carbohydrates and trace minerals that they need.
  • Contains organic matter and humic acid, which are both powerful fungal promotants vital for a healthy, active soil. Increases the growth in Cellulose Digesting fungi which increases the OC in the soil. The root’s negative charge is greater than humic acid biomolecules’ negative charge, the micronutrients are taken up by the plant’s root and are absorbed by the plant’s circulation system.
  • Contains many trace and ultra trace minerals. This is a critical factor because a balanced and consistent supply of trace minerals is essential for microbes to survive and thrive. The micro-nutrients and other nutrients contained are available for quick uptake by plants, simply because they are derived from plants. This is important for the microbes that depend on trace minerals as catalysts in order to produce enzymes that enable critical biochemical transformations.

Application method

AF Nurture N can be applied in many situations to a variety of crops.

Soil applied liquid Nitrogen applications. Apply AF Nurture N with liquid Nitrogen to better utilise Nitrogen after liquid Nitrogen applications. 2-3 % total mix inclusion.

Glyphosate application. Use AF Nurture N during Glyphosate applications to repair the damage done to bacteria on the soil surface. 1 L/ha alongside Glyphosate applications.

Foliar nutrition applications. Add AF Nurture N to any foliar nutrition to aid in tank mixing. AF Nurture N acts as a buffer on the leaf allowing better uptake. 1 L/ha during tank mix.

Fungicide applications. Add AF Nurture N to fungicide applications to aid in tank mixing. AF Nurture N acts as a buffer on the leaf mitigating some damage from hot chemicals. 1 L/ha during tank mix.

Microbial food source. Apply AF Nurture N alongside a microbial package to stubble as a food source. 1-2 L/ha

Digestate/slurry applications. Apply AF Nurture N to reduce salt damage, ammonia losses and reduce nitrogen losses when applied to the soil. 1 L/10m3 (rates may increase dependant on salt levels)

Always consult with your technical advisor and carry out a jar test before adding to a new mix.