AF Nugrass

Managing grassland trace element ratios whilst optimising yield and quality

AF Nugrass is a highly efficient liquid foliar product designed to aid the management of animal health, through regular analysis, and the elemental ratios within forage. Produced using a unique process of production, via the Flex Fertiliser System ApS, AF Nugrass contains a true amide complex that increases the uptake and efficiency of trace elements to the crop.

Available pack sizes
20L, 200L, 600L, 1000L

Total analysis %

Total nitrogen 15.9
Amide nitrogen 14.3
Nitrate nitrogen 1.6
Magnesium 5.3
Calcium 2.1
Zinc 0.65
Manganese 0.1
Cobalt 0.011
Selenium 0.011
Sodium 0.01
Sulphur Traces

What is the importance of managing animal health?

The cost of nutritional feeding has long been recognised as a major cost in animal production. It has a direct impact on the growth rate and health status of the animal as well as on the animal’s product quality. In addition to this, it also has effects on the environment.

As farmers send their cattle out to the pasture, they are looking for their cows to stay healthy during gestation and their calves to put on weight prior to entering feedlots. However, most forage sources do not contain adequate levels of minerals to ensure your cow herd is performing optimally.

Animal nutrition focuses on studying the dietary needs of the animals. These dietary needs consist of nutrients, which are the components presents in the feed that animals can digest and utilise. Animals know how to auto regulate and they stop eating once they feel satisfied. However, if the nutrient content of the feed is very low, the consumed feed will not be enough to meet their requirements and they can suffer from malnutrition.

These events may not be necessarily related to a toxic diet, but they could be due to the shortage of nutrients. If this was the case, it could be avoided by correcting the diet. If the feed is done with in-farm available feedstuffs (fodder crops, crop residues) their nutritional values should be tested by sending it for laboratory analysis. Testing the nutritional value of made in-farm feeds and of forage is a must, especially in the dry season when their protein content and energy can be extremely low.

AF Nugrass contains a variety of balanced nutrients.

  • Magnesium, helps promote muscular health and healthy nervous system in livestock.
  • Zinc targets Zinc deficiency issues in livestock, such as subnormal growth and poor fertility.
  • Cobalt builds bone and muscle growth in animals, combats susceptibility to cold, encourages a good appetite within livestock and, is an essential component of Vitamin B12 which is associated with energy metabolism.
  • Selenium acts with vitamin E to protect tissues against oxidation and the breakdown of cell membranes. It is also important for immune function.

AF Nugrass is a great complimentary product to the management of animal health, offering a highly efficient balanced nutritional package.

The benefits of AF Nugrass:

  • AF Nugrass contains a specific combination of balanced nutrients which are complexed with Nitrogen enabling the plant to fully utilise the complexed dose of Nitrogen, and nutrients, whilst considering the total requirements of the plant at the time of application.
  • The Nitrogen is chelated so that it is not easily lost; it is supplied as amide Nitrogen, in a complex form, which reduces the turnover of ammonia and reduces the risk of scorch.
  • Contains Cobalt and Selenium, which are essential trace elements required by cattle and sheep in the UK.
  • Cattle and sheep need at least 15 different minerals for good health and productivity. AF Nugrass contains 9 of these!
  • Extremely efficient liquid foliar product.

Application method


IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the product label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

This fertiliser CONTAINS SELENIUM AND COBALT, and must be administered under careful supervision of a consultant or veterinarian.

For best results of nutritional uptake, apply in the evening or early morning. Do not spray when the crop is in stressed conditions such as very hot weather or drought. Use when issues are highlighted from tissue analysis, visual assessment or expected from historical issues and soil tests.

Shake the container well before opening and use. Spray equipment should always be clean before adding product.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with a wide range of agrochemical products. For details of compatibilities contact your distributor or local AIVA FERTILISER representative. Carry out a jar test before adding to a new mix.


MIXING: Half fill the spray tank with water, begin agitation and add the required quantity of AF NUGRASS to the tank. Rinse container thoroughly and then add the rinsing to the sprayer. Once mixed, continue agitation until spraying is complete and spray without delay. It is not advised to leave products in the tank for long periods of time.

TIMING: Apply 10-14 days before grazing or cutting.

DOSE RATE: 30-80 L/ha

WATER RATE: 100-200 L/ha

Developed using the Flex Fertilizer System

Aiva Fertiliser uses Flex Fertilizer System technology where the liquid fertiliser contains nutrients in a form that can be taken up by the leaves and utilised by plants highly efficiently. The nutrient content is put into complex compounds using complex chemistry. This formulation results in nutrients being kept available to the plants for a longer period of time and are not lost to leaching or evaporation to the same extent as traditional fertilisers.