AF Nitrogen

Multi-use dose of Amide Nitrogen

AF Nitrogen is an effective dose of amide Nitrogen for those growing crops with low levels of applied Nitrogen. It includes a beneficial carbohydrate partner (natural fermented plant extracts) which provides plants with a quick source of energy as well as encourages the growth of beneficial micro-organisms. Produced using a unique process of production, via the Flex Fertiliser System ApS, AF Nitrogen contains a true amide complex that increases the uptake and efficiency of trace elements to the crop.

Available pack sizes
20L, 200L, 600L, 1000L

Total analysis %

Total nitrogen 13.9
Amide nitrogen 13.9
Fermented molasses 5.0

Foliar application benefits

  • AF Nitrogen is a multi-use, cost effective fertiliser containing Nitrogen in a stable, available complex compound form that can be easily applied alone or alongside a variety of crop nutrition products and stimulants.
  • Helps reduce the risk of scorch when applying foliar applications.
  • AF Nitrogen is a way to manage Nitrogen requirements as a buffer to the soil supply if required.
  • Through regular measurement during the season there are defined dips and excesses in nutrition, AF Nitrogen can provide an efficient form of foliar support to supplement these requirements.
  • Can be applied in the later growth stages of Wheat as a protein enhancement.

Soil application benefits

  • AF Nitrogen is a multi-use, cost effective fertiliser containing Nitrogen in a stable, available complex compound form that can be easily applied in close proximity to the seed at planting.
  • Boosts young plants and enables faster growth providing some level of insurance against nutrient variability and adverse growing conditions. Generally younger plants are more resistant to insect and disease attacks and can compete with weeds more effectively when they are growing quickly.
  • The carbohydrate partner in AF Nitrogen provides plants with a quick source of energy, trace elements and amino acids, encouraging the growth of beneficial micro-organisms. It is also an available source of carbon energy and carbohydrates that feeds and stimulates the growth of beneficial micro-organisms so that soil life will flourish to create greater natural soil fertility.

Application method

AF Nitrogen can be applied in many situations to a variety of crops.  Tailored use to alleviate nutritional deficiency or for supplementation of crop requirements is best. Use when issues are highlighted from tissue analysis, visual assessment or expected from historical issues and soil tests. Can be used as a routine maintenance dose. Apply when there is adequate leaf for foliar coverage and uptake into the plant.

For best results of nutritional uptake during foliar application, apply in the evening or early morning. Do not spray when the crop is in stressed conditions such as very hot weather or drought.

Shake the container well before opening and use. Spray equipment should always be clean before adding product.

Half fill the spray tank with water, begin agitation and add the required quantity of AF Nitrogen to the tank. Rinse container thoroughly and then add the rinsings to the sprayer. Once mixed, continue agitation until spraying is complete and spray without delay. It is not advised to leave products in the tank for long periods of time.

Foliar application = All agricultural crops: 10-30 L/ha in 100-200 L/ha water. Apply during difficult, dry conditions where soil applied N is compromised. Recommended to be applied with supporting nutrients or stimulants to aid health and balanced growth.

Foliar application/protein addition = Wheat: 50 L/ha in 100-200L/ha water. Applied during protein enhancement GS.

Soil application/drilling = All agricultural crops: 50-80 L/ha.

Mix into the tank last when used alongside pesticides. AF Nitrogen is compatible with a wide range of agrochemical products. Consult Aiva Fertiliser for further details. If unsure, it is advised to do a jar test before adding into the sprayer.

Developed using the Flex Fertilizer System

Aiva Fertiliser uses Flex Fertilizer System technology where the liquid fertiliser contains nutrients in a form that can be taken up by the leaves and utilised by plants highly efficiently. The nutrient content is put into complex compounds using complex chemistry. This formulation results in nutrients being kept available to the plants for a longer period of time and are not lost to leaching or evaporation to the same extent as traditional fertilisers.