AF M Gro

Supplying essential multi-nutrients to balance the crop

AF M Gro is a highly efficient liquid foliar product that supplies a packed dose of essential multi nutrients. Designed to target the specific nutrient needs of maize, cereals or grass as well as benefit many other agricultural crops, AF M Gro has a very low Point of Deliquescence and is quickly utilised by the plant. Produced using a unique process of production, via the Flex Fertiliser System ApS, AF M Gro contains a true amide complex that increases the uptake and efficiency of trace elements to the crop.

Available pack sizes
20L, 200L, 600L, 1000L

Total analysis %

Total nitrogen 16
Amide nitrogen 14.4
Nitrate nitrogen 1.6
Calcium 3.1
Magnesium 5.3

The benefits

  • Straight foliar Nitrogen, without any balanced nutrition can, and often does, overload the plant creating a large imbalance with other elements. This causes chaos within the plant cell.
  • Studies show that plants respond better to nutrients if they are kept in balance within the leaf. When large amounts of any single nutrient is applied, they can ‘lock up’, or make less available, other necessary minerals. To avoid this, applying nutrients in multi-nutrient blends, such as AF M Gro, makes sure that the vital nutritional balance is maintained.
  • AF M Gro is high in amide Nitrogen which is a great supplement source of Nitrogen to keep lower nitrate levels within the crop. Low nitrates generally lead to healthier crops. The lower the nitrate levels, usually the higher the brix and sugar levels and the less likely for pests and disease issues. High levels of nitrate and Nitrogen within the plant cause an increase in water being sucked up, which leads to a drop to lower sugar levels and a drop in plant health usually with further imbalance in sap pH too.
  • The Nitrogen is chelated so that it is not easily lost; it is supplied as amide Nitrogen, in a complex form, which reduces the turnover of ammonia and reduces the risk of scorch.
  • AF M Gro contains a specific combination of nutrients which are complexed with Nitrogen enabling the plant to fully utilise the complexed dose of Nitrogen, and nutrients, whilst considering the total requirements of the plant at the time of application.
  • Foliar nutrition is incredibly useful in facilitating balance and increasing Nitrogen efficiency, yield and quality with increased tiller numbers and survival, ear size and disease resistance.
  • Magnesium is extremely important in chlorophyll production and photosynthesis. If magnesium is deficient, (and certainly alongside doses of nitrogen which will drive more growth, the plant cannot produce more chlorophyll as chlorophyll development is entirely magnesium dependent), the areas that are deficient shutdown and cannot then photosynthesize by capturing the energy from the sun and as such, photosynthates, root exudates, plant growth and yield potential is severely limited.
  • Extremely efficient liquid foliar product.

Understanding complex fertilisers

  • In traditional liquid feeds based on salts or suspensions, Nitrogen is added to the leaf as urea, which is converted to ammonia, increasing the risk of leaf scorch. In a traditional liquid form, metal ions and Phosphorus are also able to readily form new, stable compounds making these nutrients unavailable to the plant.
  • When utilising complex chemistry, Nitrogen is bonded in an amide form allowing a complete range or macro and micro nutrients to be supplied to the plant where they are steadily and efficiently released and can be rapidly assimilated.
  • The supply of complexed amide Nitrogen also reduces the need for the plant to expend energy on organic Nitrogen synthesis and limits the nutrient imbalance that can occur with traditional forms of foliar Nitrogen, which can flood into the plant, swamping and diluting other essential nutrients.
  • There are various routes by which foliar applied nutrients can enter the plant, via the leaf cuticle and stomata but they all rely on the plant surface remaining wet. Aiva Fertilisers complex fertilisers have a very low Point of Deliquescence (PoD) meaning that they stay in a liquid form much longer than a solution of urea or chemical salts. As a result, a full range of nutrients can be quickly utilised by the plant rather than drying and accumulating on the leaf surface.

Remember = foliar nutrition is a tool that has become essential, especially when supplementary Nitrogen is applied. Without the correct balance of elements, essential processes, and the movement of elements around the plant to facilitate normal functions, balanced growth cannot happen efficiently.

Application method


IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the product label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

For best results of nutritional uptake, apply in the evening or early morning. Do not spray when the crop is in stressed conditions such as very hot weather or drought.

Shake the container well before opening and use. Spray equipment should always be clean before adding product.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with a wide range of agrochemical products. For details of compatibilities contact your distributor or local AIVA FERTILISER representative. Carry out a jar test before adding to a new mix.


MIXING: Half fill the spray tank with water, begin agitation and add the required quantity of AF M GRO* to the tank. Rinse container thoroughly and then add the rinsing to the sprayer. Once mixed, continue agitation until spraying is complete and spray without delay. It is not advised to leave products in the tank for long periods of time. *Mix into the tank last when used alongside pesticides.


TIMING: Apply as necessary. Stem extension and onwards.

DOSE RATE: 5-30 L/ha

WATER RATE: 100-200 L/ha


TIMING: Apply as necessary.

DOSE RATE: 30-50 L/ha

WATER RATE: 100-200


TIMING: Apply from first signs of tasseling or as late as can travel.

DOSE RATE: 30-50 L/ha

WATER RATE: 100-200 L/ha

Developed using the Flex Fertilizer System

Aiva Fertiliser uses Flex Fertilizer System technology where the liquid fertiliser contains nutrients in a form that can be taken up by the leaves and utilised by plants highly efficiently. The nutrient content is put into complex compounds using complex chemistry. This formulation results in nutrients being kept available to the plants for a longer period of time and are not lost to leaching or evaporation to the same extent as traditional fertilisers.