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Groundswell 2020

Aiva Fertiliser will be exhibiting at Groundswell for a 5th time in a row. Be sure to visit on 24-25th June 2020 at stand XX.

Watch us at Groundswell 2020

Nick Woodyatt, Agronomist and Soils Health Consultant at Aiva Fertiliser, will be a guest speaker at Groundswell 2020! Nick, author of Aiva Fertilisers articles, speaks passionately about biological farming systems and will be a key speaker at this years show.

New Product

AF Turret

AF Turrent is the newest addition to the AF Multi-Nutrient Liquid Fertiliser range after performing exceptionally well as a special recipe over 2019.

Containing amide N, P, Mg, S, Mn and Zn, AF Turret is designed to aid the crop in securing a solid, healthy root system.

Latest articles

Good grief it’s Christmas

Can you believe it, it’s that time of year again but of course this year is a little different as it hasn’t stopped raining for weeks on end. This fact alone has made the autumn season almost impossible (totally impossible in places) and we need to look at what we can do when we can travel as the soil is going to be in an unusual state. We need to accept that the consistent pouring down has had a sever cleaning effect on the soil.

Silicon, the forgotten nutrient

For generations farmers and growers have simply ignored Silicon as a plant nutrient even though research has shown that it is equally important as Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sulphur and believe it or not, Nitrogen. As we watch the farmer lead revolution on reducing inputs of fertilisers and chemicals Silicon will once again become known as an essential nutrient because of its ability, amongst others, of strengthening plant cell walls so that they can resist pest and disease attack plus they allow the plant to grow in high salinity situations which is a world-wide issue. Pest attack is further resisted because evidence suggests that Silicon reduces the amount of soluble Nitrogen available in the sap which attracts aphids.

The use of humates on farm

We are seeing an immense interest in the use of Humic and Fulvic acids on farms and nurseries so it is important to know what they are, what they can do for you and to make sure you are not wasting your money. With so many products appearing on the market it is easy to be confused and in some unfortunate conditions, fooled. We first need to understand the concept of Soil Humus which forms a critical part of any soil. The term Soil Humus can very easily be interchanged with Soil Health as they are one and the same thing.

Brewing on farm

There is now very little argument that soil life plays a huge part in growing healthy plants especially as we are seeing less new agrichemical come onto the market and many of the old ones disappearing.  Also, we must look at more natural ways of growing crops due to the awareness of our customers of what they are eating and also the low profitability of many of our crops so lower inputs are desperately needed. With these in mind it can only be advantageous to use a huge workforce that comes at a very low cost.

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